Selected Exhibitions and Publications

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_Pandemica Art 1.0 : a riflection upon the global situation and isolation

Publication in Articulate, November 2021


_The Creative Room

Collective Exhibition, A.TOPOS Art Space, Venice, IT

_The Quarantined Duende

Pubblication in Arteterapia. Papeles de arteterapia y educación artistica para la inclusión social, Vol. 16
Núm. Especial (2021): Las miradas del arte y la Arteterapia en Tempos de la COVID19, pp. 65.

_The Quarantined Duende

Pubblication in Artist Talk Magazine, Issue 15: Art in Isolation, April 2021

_The Quarantined Duende

Publication in VZC Online Gallery 

_The Quarantined Duende

Publication in Duell Time Press, Award winning not-for-profit art publication reflecting on mental wellbeing, March 2021, UK

_Covid Masterpieces

Collective Online Exhibition, La Fenice Art Gallery, Hong Kong, HK


_Como Juego Yo

Collective Exhibition, Metàfora, Centro de Estudios de Arteterapia, Barcelona, ES

_VII International Congress on Migration and Mental Helath

Collective Exibition, Town Hall, Brussels, BE


_Come Se

Collective Exhibition, San Gaetano Cultural Center, Padua, IT


Collective Exhibition, Diocesano Museum, Padua, IT

_The Magnetic Actraction of Music

Performance with Jasna Veličković


_Jiwar June Open Studio

Collective Exhibition, Jiwar Art Space, Barcelona, ES

_Jam de Escritura e Pintura
Music & Art Jam Session, Espronceda Center for Art and Culture, Barcelona, ES

_Jiwar April Open Studio
Poetry Lecture, Jiwar Art Space, Barcelona, ES

_Electroacustic Improvisation

Performance with Seijiro Murayama, Elettrocamp 4, Venice, IT


_What Better Time Than Now

Collective Exhibition, Punto Croce ArtSpace, Venice, IT


_Morire a Venezia, ancora / La Notte di Aschenbach

Performance with G. Meneghin, Ca’Pesaro, Venice IT     

_Fluxfood Concert in Venice

Performance with G.E. Simonetti, Palazzo Mora, Venice, IT

_Abbaiare alla Luna
Collective Exhibition, I.U.A.V. University, Venice, IT


_Art Therapy Master’s Degree at Metàfora
Centro de Estudios de Arteterapia, Barcelona, ES

_Art Therapy Postgraduate Course at Metafora
Centro de Estudios de Arteterapia, Barcelona, ES

_Master’s Degree in Visual Art at I.U.A.V.
University of Venice, IT

_Erasmus Plus Internship at Jiwar Creation and Society
Artist Residence, Barcelona, ES

_Erasmus Plus Internship at Lydgalleriet
Art Gallery, Bergen, NO

_Erasmus Plus at Bilgi University
Istanbul, TR

_Modern Singing Diploma at Lizard Music Academy
Padua, IT

_Bachelor’s Degree in Drama, Art and Music Studies
Padua University, IT  

Workshops and Seminars

_Summer intensive Art Therapy Course
Metàfora, Centro de Estudios de Arteterapia, Barcelona, ES

_The Magnetic Actraction of Music
Workshop by Jasna Veličković, Venice, VE

_A bordo di una storia
Videoart Workshop by Fedrica Menin e Laura Lovatel, Venice, VE

_L’idrovelocipede - Dispositivi per territori inesplorati
Workshop by Boat Association, Venice, VE

_Drammaturgie Sonore
Seminar by Valentina Valentini and Walter Paradiso, Elettrocamp 4, Venice, IT

_Electroacustic Improvisation
Workshop by Seijiro Murayama, Elettrocamp 4, Venice, IT

Electroacustic Music Workshop by Attila Faravelli, Enrico Malatesta and Nicola Ratti, Venice, IT

2013 - 2015
_Aesthetics and Artistic Production
Workshops by P.A.Michaud, A.Gratutti, M.Kuzma, R.Gabri, A.Anastas, A.Cavalletti, IUAV University, Venice, IT

2010 - 2012
_Photography and Animation
Workshops by R. Luponio and M. Monari, University of Padua, Padua, IT